We exist for one reason
to grant magical wishes to enrich the lives of children with critical illness

Granted Wishes

About Make-A-Wish UAE

Make-A-Wish® Foundation UAE’s mission lies not only in granting the wishes of children suffering from chronic or terminal ailments, Make-A-Wish® UAE aims to strengthen these children’s faith, along with their families and loved ones, when they all witness the children’s wishes being granted. This will bring Hope, Strength and Joy to their young lives, inspire them to push on, and who knows? Perhaps inspire them to fight these horrible, life-ending ailments…

On May 13th, 1983, Make-A-Wish® USA was formally established as an institution to grant the children’s wishes in the state of Arizona, the United States of America, it then expanded to six branches across the US, and then established another 22 branches in the following year. So far, more than 333,000 wishes have been granted for children with life-threatening ailments, and still working hard on spreading joy, strength and happiness to these innocent souls.

In 2010, Make-A-Wish® UAE was established under the kind patronage of Her Highness Sheikha Sheikha Bint Mohamed Bin Saif Al Nahyan, as a fully licensed establishment from the Ministry of Social Affairs of the United Arab Emirates, only to become one of the most successful organizations to date.

Since 2010, Make-A-Wish® UAE has granted more than 1,300 wishes for children with life-threatening ailments, with this amazing feat, it has brought happiness and joy to those misfortune children and their families and loved ones.

Make-A-Wish® UAE aims to grant hundreds of wishes for 2014-2015 and many years to come. It has set its sights on growing and expanding so as to bring as many magical moments to these young souls and improve their lives and who knows? Maybe their chances of surviving their fatal ailments…

In order for Make-A-Wish® UAE to grant these wishes, it counts on the generous donations and participation of companies, establishments and generous individuals who are kind enough to lend their support and sponsorship, financially, and through many services and in-kind donations.

Make-A-Wish® UAE has amassed hundreds of registered volunteers in the UAE since its inception. The volunteers participate in many tasks from granting the wishes to the organization and administrative requirements of running this humanitarian ship...

The UAE is home to hundreds of children between the ages of 3 years to 18 years of age with life-threatening ailments. Make-A-Wish® UAE aims to grant their wishes no matter where the children come from or who they are. 

Make-A-Wish® UAE plans to extend its area of operations to include the GCC and the entire Arab world.

Make-A-Wish® has become an internationally recognized organization, with new chapters opening all around the world, and future is bright as more and more generous contributors join hand to make an innocent child’s wish come true we would like to invite you to become one of those who grants a child’s wish, those who make an innocent dream come true. To embrace the spirit of Make-A-Wish®.