We exist for one reason
to grant magical wishes to enrich the lives of children with critical illness

Granted Wishes

Make-A-Wish Foundation brings smiles on innocent faces battling for life

Date : 2015-07-19

A laptop to play. That was the only wish a girl fighting for life at a hospital had made during the holy month of Ramadan. Her desire was heard by a charity organisation in the UAE, which concluded its Ramadan activities by granting her wish, as part of their One Wish per Day for 30 Days campaign. Every year, The Make-A-Wish Foundation, which began in 2003, try to bring smiles on the faces of children from all over the country who were diagnosed with life threatening diseases. Some children are bound to live their lives in hospital, while some are out-patients who receive medical care from home, as well as the clinic. Hani Al Zubaidi, CEO of Make-A-Wish Foundation UAE, told Khaleej Times, "Kids make request for simple things. Their wishes might be toys, iPhones, iPads, Xbox, bedroom renovations, flying in a helicopter or shopping sprees. Just simple things that may appear small to you and I, but mean a big deal to a young sick child." For example, connecting to the world through a phone while at hospital may help time pass by, entertain children and allows them to stay closely connected with their friends. "These small things can really put a smile on a child's face," said Al Zubaidi. Al Zubaidi pointed out that the young children, who have had their wishes granted throughout the holy month of Ramadan, are battling various life threatening diseases, such as cancer, kidney failure, type 1 diabetes, chest tumours, and acute leukaemia. Such illnesses often mean that the hospital habitually becomes the second home for the young, which is why it was important for the foundation to create a strong awareness, especially during Ramadan - the month of giving and helping those in need. Al Zubaidi also stated that the foundation has done many deeds to help suffering children across the region, not only in the UAE. "We not only granted wishes for 30 children in the UAE over the 30 days of Ramadan, we also granted wishes for children outside, particularly in Jordan," he said. He added that the foundation works closely with King Hussein Cancer Foundation, to help youngsters who are infected with various diseases in Jordan. Al Zubaidi also highlighted on the notion that all children are equal, no matter from which country they are from. "A kid is a kid, he stressed. Al Zubaidi said that the last child of Ramadan, a young girl also fighting her own battle, simply asked for a laptop to play on while she remains in hospital, which has become her home for now.


Dubai Police and Make-A-Wish UAE grants Seif his wish to be a policeman

Publish Date : 2018-02-19

Dubai Police and Make-A-Wish UAE grants Seif his wish to be a policeman

Dubai Police General Command, in cooperation with Abu Dhabi Security Investigation Foundation, and within the various initiatives of the Foundation, has granted the wish of the child Saif Ahmed Saeed Saif Al Kutbi, 8 years old, to join the Dubai Police, following his father and his love working as a police officer.

Maj. Gen. Mohammed Saeed Al Marri, Assistant Commander-in-Chief of Community Welfare...

Thekandharaa wished to be a doctor for a day.

Publish Date : 2018-02-06

Thekandharaa wished to be a doctor for a day,
we where inspired and impressed by her fast ability to learn everything doctors do!
Good job Thekandharaa!

Fairmont Dubai partners with Make A Wish foundation

Publish Date : 2018-01-25

Fairmont Dubai and Make A Wish Foundation partnered up to turn 13-year old Emirati girl Najla's dream of becoming a fashion designer a reality.

Najla, who has type 1 diabetes, was selected by the Make-A-Wish Foundation to have her wish granted. The team from Fairmont Dubai took Najla to the Juri Fashion studio for a full day learning session, after which she was given a chance to put what she was taught into practice and design her own dress.


Make A Wish Foundation fulfills the wish of a four-year-old to meet Spider-man

Publish Date : 2016-09-04

Abu Dhabi: The Make A Wish Foundation fulfilled the wish of an Emirati child to meet Spiderman.

The four-year-old Emirati child, Saud, suffers from Type 1 diabetes and is a fan of famous cartoon characters. The foundation cooperated with Fairmont Hotel to create a scenario in which ‘Spiderman’ met with the child. The family expressed their heartfelt...

Special Al Ain Water bottles to be sold through selected ADNOC stores for Make-A-Wish Foundation

Publish Date : 2016-01-24

Huge thank you to Agthia Group & Alain Water for launching special Al Ain Water bottles to be sold through ADNOC stations in UAE  in line with the year of giving to grant the wishes of children with critical illnesses to enrich the human experience with hope, strength, and joy.

Abu Dhabi’s Make-a-Wish Foundation sends boy and 200 his pals to Ferrari World

Publish Date : 2015-04-13

When Ali Saleh was contacted by the Make-a-Wish Foundation UAE, he asked that not only he but all 200 of his fellow campers at the Basma Diabetes Camp be taken to Ferrari World on Yas Island for a day of play.
Ali, 10, from Kuwait, suffers from Type 1 Diabetes and attended the camp in Ras Al Khaimah earlier this year. Because of his situation, Ali was unable to be like other children growing up, to go out and play with other kids, so his wish came from that want,”...

Make a Wish saddles up to realize Khaled’s dream A three-year-old boy has fulfilled a long-held dream to own a horse – after being given one by the President, Sheikh Khalifa.

Publish Date : 2014-04-14

A three-year-old boy has fulfilled a long-held dream to own a horse – after being given one by the President, Sheikh Khalifa. Khaled Al Menhali, who has cancer, was given the Arabian horse by Sheikh Sultan bin Khalifa, adviser to the President, the state news agency Wam reported. The toddler, who is being treated at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City in the capital, came face to face with his new, and rather large, pet during a visit to a local stable. Noha Al Shorbaji, from Make a Wish Foundation UAE,...

Holiday Inn celebrates a birthday with some special children and Make-a-Wish UAE

Publish Date : 2012-10-23

It’s a heart-warming thing when a global brand reaches out to disadvantaged members of the community. This month, the Holiday Inn is teaming up with the Make-A-Wish Foundation UAE to put a smile on the faces of kids with life-threatening conditions. In celebration of their third anniversary on October 29, Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi is hosting a one-off éclair cutting ceremony for mothers with special three-year-olds.

The event will be open to the public and will include a...

Make-A-Wish boy, is a prince for a day

Publish Date : 2012-06-06

ABU DHABI // A five-year-old Emirati boy's dream of being a prince for a day has come true thanks to the UAE's Make-A-Wish foundation.

Abdulrahman was taken to the Al Bateen Palace in the capital dressed in custom-made royal robes yesterday, and was greeted by Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan and Sheikh Mohammed bin Sultan.

Instead of his usual day of playing football or watching Arabs Got Talent on television, he was seated at the...